Deirdre Davey McGraw ’92

Deirdre Davey McGrawDeirdre Davey McGraw '92 knew that Lehigh was always her first choice for college. While searching as a high school student, her "gut feeling" told her that Lehigh was an environment where she would thrive with a diverse group of students who would enhance her experience. Her gut feeling was spot on.

McGraw, now executive vice president of Ameriprise Financial, reflected back to her campus days with great fondness as a Gamma Phi Beta sister, a student ambassador, and a work-study student in the geology department. McGraw said the combination of educational, social, and work experiences at Lehigh gave her the foundation to build a meaningful career.

These fond memories are coupled with the reality that without the help of the university, she might not have finished college. "I received fairly often what were called ‘emergency loans' because I ran out of money," said McGraw. "I don't think I would have made it through my four years without these loans."

Showing her appreciation, McGraw established the Deirdre McGraw '92 Endowed Scholarship Fund. "I could give to a number of organizations that mean a lot to me, but Lehigh means the most to me. I want to give back the same way to students," she said.

McGraw stays connected to Lehigh as an active volunteer and member of the Asa Packer and Tower Societies. She is a member of the College of Business and Economics Advisory Council and returns to campus often. "I care about the university and appreciate what it did for me," she said. "When you are willing to stay involved, you want to return what the institution did for you."

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