Donor Highlights

Margie and PJ Prutzman

Margie and PJ Prutzman '66 '68G
Deciding it is time to give back, a Lehigh alum plans to create an endowed fund with money from charitable gift annuities. The annuities will pay him and his wife an income for life, with the balance going to Lehigh. More

Michael Caruso

Michael Caruso ’67
More than four decades after his graduation, Mike Caruso ’67 can still rattle off, at the drop of a hat, the names of the Lehigh professors, coaches, and mentors who changed his life: Leeman, Tresolini, Dunlap, Smolansky, Barry, Dowling—and the list goes on. More

Susan and Douglas Breen

Susan and Douglas Breen ’68
When you see the towering fig tree in his living room or the nearby exotic orchids laden with blossoms, you know that Doug Breen ’68 loves to grow things. So it’s only natural that he and his wife Susan chose to create endowed scholarships at Lehigh when it came time to plan for their estate. More

Ferdinand Thun

Ferdinand Thun ’56
Ferd Thun’s Lehigh legacy will touch generations of students for as long as the university stands. Serving as Lehigh’s director of planned giving from 1973 to 1995, Thun built an advancement program focused on raising scholarship support and increasing the university’s endowment. More

Judie and Emery Rosenbluth

Judie and Emery Rosenbluth ’63
Growing up in the Lehigh Valley, Emery Rosenbluth received a scholarship to attend Lehigh and always knew that he and his wife Judie would provide the same opportunity for others. They felt that it was important for other students to receive an excellent education at his alma mater. More

Herb Roemmele

Herb Roemmele '53
On his move-in day freshman year, Herb Roemmele '53 was scared and homesick after his parents drove away. He had tears in his eyes and felt that he would have been more comfortable at a school in his native New Jersey. It took only a matter of days for that feeling to disappear. More

Elizabeth Edmiston Padgett

Elizabeth Edmiston Padgett ’93
Looking back over her very successful career, Elizabeth “Liz” Edmiston Padgett credits a Lehigh alumnus who spoke to her undergraduate class with how she got her start. More

Deirdre Davey McGraw

Deirdre Davey McGraw ’92
Deirdre Davey McGraw ’92 knew that Lehigh was always her first choice for college. While searching as a high school student, her “gut feeling” told her that Lehigh was an environment where she would thrive with a diverse group of students who would enhance her experience. Her gut feeling was spot on. More

Aarati and Paul Martino

Aarati and Paul Martino ’95
Seeing Professor Don Davis’ name in the newspaper, Paul Martino’s mom called the Lehigh University math professor out of the blue when her son was in eighth grade. At the time, none of them could foresee how that call would impact Paul’s life. More

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